Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Beginning Actually

This is the beginning of my blog and so I guess I'll start with some type of beginning.
The title of this blog - Well I've always had this thing with eating. In 9th grade my phrase was 'I'm going to eat you ... rawr'. Really, it's even engraved on my ipod. Everyone knows I have a thing with eating. (Wow I have a tumblr too and I basically wrote this same idea down) So that need to eat, to want to have something really badly turned into my need to go on exchange.

But before I talk about where I'm going I'll talk about me. Me, Ankhet. Well I'm a girl. Pretty young y' know. Really young if you think about it. I live in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Got really specific there for those people who might not know what LA, CA is. I'm watching out for you. Ok, I go to school. Read. Hang out. Normal young people stuff. LA stuff.

I have a family. It's not just me by myself. I have my mom, dad, younger brother and sister. I only tell you this because it might be important later if I were ever to tell you a funny story. Wow I don't know what else to say I already know what to say about exchange just not about myself.
Oh I have a tumblr. It's about much the same things but it'll be the place where I put small things that might not constitute a whole post here. More my stream of thought at tumblr. Here it's like a river or waterfall. You choose.
It's weird but I actually have a paper to write. I should probably go now. I think I kind of love this new blog thing.

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