Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kelas Meeting aka Sports Week

So let's go back in time a bit. The week after remed, before the two weeks of "winter" holiday break, and during my sickness was Kelas Meeting. Aka a week of sports and friendly competition between each of the classes in SMAN 62 Jakarta.
Now I missed the most important days of the week because of my ubi/telur (sweet potato/egg) sickness but I came in thursday (Friday we didn't actually have school sad). Some people didn't bother coming becauase most of the games had wrapped up but I got a little taste of the competitive spirit.
The whole week is really official - they use those brackets to see who's going to play each other and everything. The first final I saw was badminton - pairs. Badminton is a cool game. Birdie is a cool word and everything in the game is light (weight wise) and yes. It seems like a nice game. Watching was ok too -it was between two Kelas 3 classes so I didn't personally know them.

My class played in the basketball finals. They only could play on half a court because our school isnt that big . It was probably the most polite game of basketball I've ever seen. And of course included the tallest guys in my class. We won so Yay!
The shooting one's in my class and the ducking one too.
The next game was soccer. Or more like the next 3 because they played for a while. They were so excited. I actually saw someone waving an Indonesian flag - even though both teams were for sure Indonesians. For a while I was in my school's prayer room watching a movie (not alone with friends too duh) because I don't know I guess that's the hang out spot  but we all came out to see these games.

 It was a kelas 3 class playing against another kelas 3 I believe and then finally against my kelas. The kelas 3 guys won but it was fun oohing and aahing with the rest of the school.

Also the girls had at least 1 game too. Not sure who won or what kelas they were though. Yay girls play too in Indonesia. Actually I was a bit surprised because girls don't usually play when they're not required by a teacher in fitness class. So yaaay.

And that was the 1 day I went to school that week. December turned out to be a month of little school sadly. Also I have a video of this day which will someday makes it's way to my Youtube account. I'm just trying to get all these old events out.

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