Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day to Day

A general outline of the school portions of my life.
Everyday breakfast is served from 8am to 9am so I wake up for that. Breakfast is Western. Toast, eggs, fruit, yoghurt, cereal.

11am to 1pm. We have a class called Writing India taught by a Dartmouth professor with only Dartmouth students. We basically read about India's history, culture examining the different perspectives that people have when talking about India. That's located in a special building for foreign students called the Study in India Program building. Its a 5 minute walk to class from the Tagore House where we live.
Break for lunch back in Tagore House.
2 to 4pm: Another class, this one Gender and Film taught by an University of Hyderabad professor. This class includes a few Indian students even though it's Dartmouth specific. Talks on tropes, conventions of film in India especially of women in film. Even though I love film, this was not my favorite class. The format was repetitive lectures and the assignments were always last minute and unclear.

I have Environmental Studies from 2 - 4pm. For our 3rd course in India we are allowed to choose a course to take in the actual university. The other choices were Media Studies and Women's Movements in India. This one aligns more with my Geography studies and the professor is very cool and somewhat well known so I chose to take it. It covers environmental movements, themes with a focus on India. So problems of India's urbanization, climate change within Indian context, ecofeminism within India, etc. etc. It's a great class. This class I take with 3 other Dartmouth students and maybe 5 Indian students. Campus is humungous and this class is located in the social sciences building a good 25 minutes away by foot.

Long roads to class.

Writing India from 9 to 11am
Film screening in the afternoon. Starts at 2 pm goes until the movie finishes which means until 5 sometimes. Indian films are long especially some of the old classical ones we watch sometimes. We've seen Mother India, Lagaan, Paroma, Omkara, Dilwale... and others.

Gender and Film from 11am to 1pm
Environmental Studies from 2 to 4pm

No class unless another film screening is needed. Meetings are also scheduled on this day. Sometimes the trips we have planned to visit other places in India use this day to travel.

It seems like there's a lot of free time each day. This is true to some extant. There's still work as in homework to be done. Free time is spent hanging out on campus, going shopping, and then fun weekend excursions.

View from the balcony of Tagore House, where we live

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