Friday, 24 June 2011

Secret Whisperings (Except not actually secret nor is anyone whispering)

What is Indonesia like? How is Indonesia? (Not sure that second question even makes sense) These are the type of questions that don't really mean anything and also kind of make you sound stupid. But they're kind of legitimate questions when you're about live in a country. So instead you have to ask about the specifics or just trust that the person you're asking will somehow know that you want to know everything about the country and knows how to give you those answers. (major run-on. I try but not really)

So here's what people like Ella, past foreigner exchange student Flan (here's her blog), the AFS booklets and others have told me about my new country .
  • Time is different. "Rubber time" is what they call it because it's all flexible and bendy (like rubber ;) ) So if I'll have to be patient and get used to waiting I guess. I don't think I'll mind but who knows. Being late - that I can do.
  • Hugging is not cool. At least with the opposite sex.
  • Students will kiss their teacher's hands to show respect.
  • Traffic is bad. I read this one blog where the lady was whining and practically crying over how bad it was. I hope she was exaggerating.
  • I'll probably have a maid.
  • The food is good. Ella described it as being similar to Indian and Thai food. They have lots of different kind of rice dishes, not just the usual white rice. I'm expecting good things.
Those are some of the things I've heard. I'll be able to tell you how true they are when I get there. Less than two months from now I'll be leaving. I still don't have a departure date or visa and haven't finished my shots. I leave for DC this Tuesday though (my birthday) for 4 days of learning how to be a great open minded exchange student. Also there will be square dancing. I'll be sure to post about it after I come back in July.

I also might have a host family. But I don't know how sure it is so I'm keeping a bit mum. I'll tell you all I know once I know for sure.

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  1. I'm excited to hear about everything!! I also expect an address when you find out about that so I can send you letters full of my love!!! <3