Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What to do now

I didn't mention this but I'm already out of school. Yup I've been finished with my sophmore year at Archer for about 4 days now, not counting the weekend. I have already read all my yearbook comments (that thing was full as heck let me tell you). I've hugged all my teachers, some of them for the last time. So now I'm sitting at home, sleeping, reading, and eating. I can't do anything. I'm not old enough to drive. My friends can't either. My whole family is still at school/work so they can't take me places. And my school is one of the earliest to get out so it's not like I can hang with non-Archer people either.
But I do have plans/ideas/wishes for this summer so here they are...
  1. Learn some Indonesian. Yeah it's not a language that's really in right now so I have to do some searching for the right place to get all the info. But there's always Live Mocha and BYKI (which I've started, terima kasih (that means thank you))
  2. Find a job. Maybe possibly ... I'm not even 16 until the end of June so this is a real hopeful plan.
  3. Find out everything about Indonesia. I'll need to go to the library, do some more hardcore internet searching, ect.
And for my actual calender here's what I have:
  1. Friend's birthday this weekend.
  2. Hang out with a girl from Indonesia who is actually here on the YES Scholarship. It's great. We'll be at the Pre-departure Orientation (PDO) together (well her farewell one) and then in Indonesia at the same time.
  3. My brother graduates middle school soon.
  4. Father's day. My grandpa is visiting that week too.
  5. Then that last week of June it's my birthday and the PDO.
  6. In July I'll hang out with all the people I won't see next year.
  7. My mom's birthday comes the 17th.
  8. Finish getting the rest of my shots. I was one of the kids who's never had shots before so I'm getting all of them now. I've done 10 shots/ rounds so far and have at least 4 more. So that's fun
  9. August- Time to pack, buy gifts for my host family, and go.
So that is everything on my schedule. Once everyone gets out of school work The Summer of Beautiful Things will start. People that actually want to read about my exchange might not be so interested until I actually leave in August. But for the life of me, I can't stop messing with this blog. Yea I'm really bored. So until the next time. Have a nice exciting day for me.

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