Monday, 12 September 2011

Last day of LOCamp

The next day was our wrap up and party day. We had our last session 'safe and enjoyable year' aka rules. Then we got on a bus to travel to the Kekun cafe where our welcoming party was being held. Very cool place. It had hip music inside, hip because it was all american and you know a place is hip when it plays foreign music. Also it was like Nas and Erykah baduh, so yea pretty hip. We ate and then had hours of practice on the stage and the surrounding areas. Practice for what? Our talent show of course. But that part comes later.
    One of the guys from the ambassador's house came to talk to us, a Frank J Whitaker, cultural attache.  He talked with us about what embassies do and a brief history of Indonesia and how he got his job and that we should contact him if there's ever a problem.  Interesting stuff. A bit later we broke fast with another really good dinner and I had my first Indonesian coke and fanta. I didn't drink the whole thing of either.  They were both incredibly sweet because of the real sugar. I don't think I'll be drinking a lot of soda here.
    Then I got a special treat. Because my family lives in Jakarta they were able attend the party. So my sisters and one of their friends showed up. We talked for a little while. I said exactly one sentence in Indonesian 'sorry I don't speak indonesian'. Then it was time for the festivities to begin. It started with little games. The guest had to guess who's piece of  face was shown on the screen (sammy the german's) who like to salsa (Andrew fellow American yes abroader). Then for us we had count how much money was on the screen and say it in Bahasa (yay Simon german wellworts one). To finish of this part was a slideshow of our days in the LOCamp. It was little weird and sad because we'd only spent a couple of days there but it was so fun. Time for the performances though.
    The theme of the whole day was and the journey begins so we wearing white and the performances began with a little play where an exchanger from each country was on a plane saying what they would miss from their country. That was the segue way into that countries talent. So the Americans were up first. And what would we miss but all the styles of dance America has and has had. We started with a square dance (thanks Allen I guess the knowledge did come in handy). Next swing, then 60s to the Austin powers theme song. Standing alive was our 70s, then Michael Jackson thriller of course. For the 90s we split up and the boys did something to bye bye bye while us girls did a cutesy thing to oops I did it again by Britney speares. The other gender was the paparazzi when it was their turn. To finish it all off we did the Cupid shuffle off the stage. I don't know how it looked really but we had fun which was probably the most important part. Japan did like a play with magic and outfits and a samurai fight. Wellworts did an imagination type ballet dance to that very famous song. Regular Germany did a play with the superhero ger man saving an old lady with brut worst and money and loving the environment. Belgium acted out how a town got it's name. It involved a king and cutting off like thumbs or something. To finish off the night the kakak kakak did a dance too. It was to an Indonesian pop song by cherry belle look it up. It was awesome. I don't know when they had to time to practice because it involved everyone. Indonesians are good dancers.
    Another fun night. The fun good nights here definitely outnumber the blah ones. we even saw some of the exchange students who had just been in America. I love meeting up with all exchange students between here and home. Picture time of course!!

    Back at home nobody wanted to sleep because we were leaving the next day. Some left at like 5 in the morning others at 7 then the Jakarta and surrounding areas would leave at 11 by bus. So we just hung out on the deck. And ate pizza hut. How funny is that. It wasn't bad but I don't know how good it was either. It probably tasted good because it was a fun night and it was such a first moment. The first time having American food in Indonesia. And that was the last night of LOCamp.

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  1. Hi Ankhet! This is your cousin, Shauna I know it's been forever, but my dad told me about your trip to Indonesia and that you were blogging about it... so I had to check you out. I think it is so awesome that you're recording this experience. I'll definitely be following ;) I just wanted to say hello ( my dad and D.J. say hello also). We hope you are doing well. I cant wait to hear about all your adventures. Love.