Friday, 30 September 2011

School : First Days

    So enough of the past let's talk about now*. I've started school. I started on Monday the 12th in SMA 62 in Jakarta - the same school my h. sister Caca (Oh, her name is pronounced Chacha. I totally forgot to mention that. Kind of important) goes to. I'm in 11th grade. Caca's in 12th. I wear a uniform (no getting out of that). You can see by my pictures (to come) what I have to wear on different days. Everyone knows how to tie a tie here. I'm going to come back skilled in tie-ness. But the first day.
First day of school. Friends!
    I felt like a celebrity. I met about a million people and got stared at by like a million more. (There's only 600 people in my school but that doesn't matter.) I was getting introduced to people left and right. Their favorite first day(s) questions after what's your name? where are you from? are:

  • What's your religion? A difficult question I am finding because each answer has it's consequences.
  • Do you have a boyfriend? Then I was asked if I had an ex-boyfriend because I guess they weren't satisfied with the answer.
  • What music do you like? They looooove singing here and playing instruments. Nobody seems shy to burst out singing whenever even if they tell me they have a bad voice.
  • And the number one question is: Who do you think is handsome? Or do you think so-and-so is handsome? I am asked this everyday. It'll often be about a basketball player. How typical is that - the basketball players are really popular along with the musicians and the funny jokesters. 
More later on what I do (or will do once I've got the language down pat) Love, love.
And hello and thank you to my commenters (Sis. Nicole & Shauna). I love comments and messages and business. 

*Ok still the past but only like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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