Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bike Riding in Taman Mini

Remember Taman Mini? The place where I had my orientation. Well, my house is actually super close. So close that we can walk there for exercise. On Sunday (9/18) my, Nu (maid who's about my age I think), and I walked to Taman Mini. Believe it or not this was the first time I had ever walked down my street. I've only ever been driven. We (us and the rest of the family that met us there by car) rented bikes and went for a little bike adventure.
    Taman Mini is more of a cultural center than whatever I said to describe it before. It's a mini replica of Indonesia. So there are traditional houses from the different cultures from the different provinces in Indonesia. Within the houses you can take traditional dance lessons ... and probably do a lot more. So Caca, h.Papa, and Rizky (family friend/schoolmate/ Caca's bf) rode ahead while Nu, h.Mama, and I would ride along and then every so often stop to take pictures.
    I almost enjoyed the exercise more than the photo taking. I needed it too. Sadly I can't remember where exactly each house comes from - which is kind of the important part. I'll go again for sure though so until then I guess.
Me and h.Mama. Not in a house but a garden

Little me. But my legs look nice and brown right?

One of my favorites. Maybe I think.
I was feeling the nice wind and going along on my rented bike. People would pass and point and stare. I even heard one motorcycle couple say 'rambut lucu' which is funny/cute hair. Weirdly I don't mind because, is it really that different in America? People stare at me in America too. Only usually for my hair and not my skin/height/not Indonesian-ness though.But yeah it's a bit different, little kids don't laugh and point and I can understand what people are saying about me but it's still being stared at, no matter the place. I almost enjoy it now. When I come back to America you'll have to deal with my enlarged ego.
Doors to a Riau room/house.

Staircase within the Riau section

Super long boat within the Riau section of the park. Like 100 people (give or take) are made to fit in there.

Anyway the trip came to an abrupt end when we got a call from h.Papa saying Caca had fallen and wanted to go home now. So we rode back to the car where she was all scraped up and bleeding. Insteadof going immediately home we rode to a section where there was an outdoor market. (Taman Mini is huuge) We ate some bread soup combo - the soup was in a bowl and a peice of bread was baked onto the top of the bowl. Then home. Then we actually ended up going to the mall. But yes this was Bike Riding in Taman Mini.


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