Friday, 14 October 2011

Being Inept in Jakarta

So when was this - some saturday after I started school. Nathan (American you remember) and I decided to go hang out with two former Indonesian exchange students to America, Arya and Nadia. We went to Plaza Indonesia, a very cool mall. Seriously the malls here are pretty much better than most indoor malls I go to in America. The people are dressed better. There are better brands. The bathrooms are places you wouldn't mind spending more than 5-10 minutes in (and in Indonesia that's like the highest compliment I could give. That's saying something.)
    So we met at Starbucks. Then because this was my first time being there we decide to ride TransJakarta which I guess could be compared to  a subway-ish but it's really just a bus with a raised platform that has it's own lane sometimes. But it's reminisce of a subway I guess. We ride that for like 10 minutes. I'm a pro obviously. I grab onto the little handle thing and sway with it's stops. I don't get trampled by the crowds of people who are actually going somewhere. I was made to take that thing. Then we get off and actually go to dinner.
    The thing about meeting with other exchange students is it's always really fun to compare the two places you've lived and you get what it's like to be living in a whole new environment with a new family. You can share stories about what's not cool in your school or your house. You can say what you miss and then it doesn't go anywhere because they're not suppose to fix the problem like your contact person is.
Us (Nadia, Nathan, me) in front of the fountain next to the restaurant. It does this cool light,water show to Boroadway music every hour. 
    We ate dinner at Swiss Maret which is buffet-ish. You get a card and go around to whatever food stations you want and swipe. There was salad, pizza, meaty things, a very large selection. I had a salad (So good. They do not do raw vegetables and lettuce here. It's always fried or in some sauce. I miss just regular plain salad.) bread (also bread in my house is just  a slice of white with the crusts cut off. There's not like types or well somewhere maybe not in my house) and a crepe. So then we go up to pay and guess who lost their swipey card with all their food information on it. Yea I did. I was convinced I had put it on my tray and the lady had taken it away. There was some explaining. I felt so bad. What is it with me and Jakarta and doing these awkward things. I never lose things at home, (or lose games, or confuse die with remember). I don't function normally here. Haha eventually they just asked me what I had eaten and added it up manually. No biggie.
    H.Papa came to pick me up and drive me home. I had to explain why we were so late. I seriously can't do anything but laugh at how inept I am in Jakarta. So I look even weirder. Which is better than having nervous breakdowns all over the place. But guess what happened when I emptied out all my stuff out of my bag. I found the stupid swipey card. Apparently if you lose a card you have to pay 100 US$ (which I did not have). I got off easily. Maybe because I'm American I don't know. But I have hidden the card. I don't even know what to do with it. If I ever go again (which I kind of doubt) I'll bring it and drop it like on the floor or something.

(I really hope nobody from that restaurant ever reads this.)

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  1. Ankhet,
    I'm shaking my head profusely at you. Of course you would do this, this is such an Ankhet thing to do.

    o also tati wrote this