Monday, 24 October 2011


6.30 - 5.00 Same outfit.
  • Eko: Yea I don't know. And I'm sort of embarrassed because I fell asleep in this class and apparently she said "Kamu ngantuk?" aka "Are you sleepy?" and I just smiled and went back to sleep. I was sitting in the very front too. She told Caca and apparently other teachers were listening too. So embarrased.
  • Sociology: Similar to Geo I understand a bit so I copy down everything. One day I'll be able to understand it all.
  • French: Yeah I can understand the bits about the family that they were actually saying in French but then they switched to talking about superlatives in Bahasa Indonesia. I was lost.
  • Bahasa Indonesia again: I like when it's this time because I've been sitting in the same class for 4 hours now and to get to the Bahasa Indonesia class I have to walk upstairs. Exercise, you are too good to me!
Then ex- school or extracuriculars.
  • Traditional Dance - It's love. I swear. It's maybe 15 other girls and me; either in 11th or 10th grade learning Tari Saman and Tari Riau at the same time. Tari means dance by the way. So it's a 'same' dance and a dance from Riau. Tari Saman is very rhythmic, clapping and slapping all while sitting on your knees. It hurts so much. I've been wearing a beaded anklet that Caca gave me when I went to Bandung that I can't take off now. It was hard getting it on and now I just have to deal with it till it breaks. It adds to the pain. Aaah but then I get to stand back up for some Tari Riau. It's easy except we dance with a sarung that is folded and unfolded all throught the dance. It goes from arm ornamentation to on our shoulder to us wearing it to us laying it down and dancing around it to a blanket to a thing to shoo away bugs. I pretty much feel on equal footing with everyone. A lot already know Tari Saman but it's easy to learn quickly. And Tari Riau. They're calling me pro. Soooo yea I guess I'm doing PRETTY well. Haha but I think the reason it's so easy for me is I did (do/will return to doing?) Dance Troupe at my school. And we had to learn way faster to faster songs. I was always way slow but here I'm jago (pro). Love love love.
General foto-foto of my school. Fellow student has been captured as well
I'll put real pictures when I do something in dance worthy of stopping the dance and taking a picture of.
Surrounding my school. Very red rooftop-y vibe
I get picked up by our driver at 5.00 and I meet my other host sister Nanda in the car who's on the way home from her school. GO Wednesday! And I used to think you sucked too :)

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