Wednesday, 19 October 2011


6.30 -1.30 Early day!
On Tuesday I rock my very long grey skirt again with the white shirt. It's simple, it's hot, it's SMAN 62 Jakarta.
  • Geo: Weirdly I understand this class. It's a lot less mappy than you would think. The teacher likes to joke and talk to me a lot even though he speaks no English.
  • Bahasa Indonesia: Err yea no idea. They give book reports. I don't. The teacher likes to talk to me though. She has red eyebrows.
  • History: Again no idea. Actually they finally got the powerpoints going and we're studying how Islamic culture and religion came to Indonesia and its effects. 
  • Music: We get to sing traditional songs. Rame rame, Manuk Dadali, Ayo Mama. I can participate! Apparently there's a concert coming up so I have to learn the songs. Very cool Indonesians = very musical. We'll have the teacher playing guitar and students switching off playing the drum box. Singing just everywhere. I love it!
My music class. There's my class with my teacher who is very short  but plays guitar well.  Notice my fellow classmate  making the picture her own.
Lyrics to one of our songs. Sing along!

Done :) Home with driver again but alone this time. Everybody else has a random extra class.

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