Sunday, 16 October 2011


In honor of my week holiday (the rest of the school had mid-semester tests) I will explain my beautiful and complicated school schedule to you all now. Day by day - just like how I live it.
Monday Aka 'crap the weekend is over day'. No no, more like the 'You'll be having fun in class for the next 5 days but you'll be dead tired day'.
On Monday I wear my white shirt with a grey skirt, belt and tie. There's also a hat (too small. Darn Indonesians with their small normal shaped heads) but we only wear it during morning ceremony.

Yup me with my tie-ness. Oh and at school!  
Uniform note: As you can see the skirt is very long and the shirt very buttoned AND I have to wear an undershirt. It is hot. Hot like you were put  into a tiny sopping wet cardboard box with little holes through which hot air blows every so often. So I am pretty uncomfortable in my many clothes. At my desk sometimes  I just need to be loose. That's when my shirt becomes mysteriously unbuttoned. Sadly it never lasts long. It's like I'm committing a crime or something and someone always comes up and secretly whispers to me 'Ankhet button your shirt'. It's one little button! But I'll try to keep my clothes on.

6.30 am - 3.00 pm
Morning Ceremony: The whole school goes and stands in 2 lines per class according to their class and grade. One student will stand at a mike and read words and give commands. At different times teachers will come and give announcements. First we have to make our lines evenly spaced with pivoting and adjusting. There's an Arabic prayer. At times we change positions from hands behind their back to hands by side to salute. There's a very elaborate flag raising ceremony. From the side walk in 2 girls flanking a boy carrying the Indonesian flag. They march and unfold the flag ver precisely. The choir standing to the side starts singing right as the flag is being raised. It's very patriatic, everyone standing and saluting as the flag raises to the Indonesian national anthem - Indonesia Raya. Sadly after a while it all starts to swirl in my mind as I fidget with my hat and think of how hot it is and random people start disappearing from the line and other people join and want to meet me and hear me talk in Indonesian. But theres's singing and sometimes a speech or two given by students. I gave one once about how awesome it was to be here and how I'm excited to hang with them. - More formally though but it was in English so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

  • Computer - We get on the computer and write emails to the teacher, or make new connections or something. I just click on the same things as the boy beside me and try and translate the powerpoints.
  • Sport - This is a sight. Everyone is in this green uniform pants not shorts and we go into the courtyard. We line up then our teacher comes. He's this skinny man with a whistele and pants pretty high on waist who likes to talk a lot. I don't think I've understood a single word he's said beside stand up and move forward and I can speak a working amount now too. Nobody listens though so I guess I'm not missing anything. First we stretch then we'll do something weird. It'll change but it's always unusual. One time we got with partners and bent over to lift them up. Then we had to race with them on our backs (it's always a race here). After theat the class just dissolves. the boys might play soccer some might study, others basketball or badminton (very fun. Why do I not play?) or even go back upastaris and eat. Girls here are good at not doing sport. Some days for no reason (to me) all the girls will end up sitting on the side while the boys play soccer. =  Sport
  • Counseling/Psychology (?) - They played Telephone once I think.
  • Politics - No idea
  • Math - It's statistics. I would (and want to) try and work it out but it's all smybols and words. Pity, I was looking forward to good ol' numbers.
Done. I ride home with the driver and Caca.

More friends (and a girl I don't know). During break

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