Sunday, 6 November 2011

Festival Musikalisasi Puisi

Sorry to interrupt my schedule telling (just kidding no one cares about my school schedule) and my fun weekend telling (yea this is really out of order) but this past week (aka 2 weeks ago while still in October) I got to experience musical poetry interpretations created by high schools in Jakarta.
They used traditional instruments such as the gamelan and that huge gong and that drum business
      That Wednesday I tagged along with my school's musikalisasi puisi team to watch them compete against other schools with their original musical poetry interpretations. It took place at a local university as a part of Language and Literature Month (in October).There were a total of 50 schools competing, all doing their own version of one of the pieces of poetry. They used different instruments traditional and modern, had on traditional clothing, and were really interesting. They ran the gamut, from good singers to too quiet to really creative to bore making. It was a very long Wednesday from 7am to about 4pm. I kind of feel asleep towards the end. But after almost completely falling out of my chair I shamed myself into staying awake.
Think they were 2nd in regionals. I don't know

I love this one look at his cheeks and ears.
    In addition to Wednesday our school was so good they went to the finals on Friday and I tagged along again. Yeah I missed two full days of school. A real tragedy I know. I was very impressed by my school. Not even out of solidarity or that other word when you like them the best just because it's your school/country/ whatever. The poem was by Chairil Anwar and I'm not sure of it's exact title something to do with Bung Karno. Here's a link to what might possibly be it. Anway, watch below and see how good my school is - yea I made a youtube account just so you could see it.

Then what do you know, SMAN Jakarta 62 won regionals and went on to the nationals the week after this, also a Wednesday.
Starting from the left - the first third fifth and sixth are in my class. If you thought I was gonna say their names or something - ohwell hahahaha. I crack myself up sometimes.
Oh yea so above is them posing in the winner's circle. On to Nationals! Nationals was held at Taman Mini (remember with the houses and culturalness) and it was for all of Indonesia. ALL not just Java the island I'm on. Each of the 11 teams performed 2 poetry-songs one of them was the same the other their choice. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't know I was going but I'll still give shout outs to some of my favorites.

  1. Semarang in Jawa Tengah (aka Central Java) were the first up. And I was like woah very rock-ish and the singers did that dance where the guitar and bass players play and they just have to move around and shake a bit until it's time to sing again. They had it down. Also they had a cowbell - and I was like - I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. Go Semarang.
  2. Sulawasi and Aceh had amazing voices. They must have been crazy amazing because I only wrote down that their voices were amazing.
  3. Bali ooh Bali everyone was waiting for you. I mean you're BALI, different religion and culture probably one of the most famous places in Indonesia. And you did not disappoint. Very modern soft rock (I'm not really sure what that means. But it sounds like the right description)
  4. And I wrote down Sumatra so I don't know. Some other group from Sumatra was great. Yes I took notes during the show. And it was for you all - that's love.
So that was my Musikalisasi Puisi experience. I think my school came in 6th in Nationals which mathmatically makes them so-so for all of Indonesia but I really was very impressed. Everyone asked me if we have this in America. I don't really know but we should - it's so creative and interesting.
Just to show I was actually there. this was friday with classmate and two teachers but of classes I don't take.
Love you alls. I'm about to be 3 months in here and am heading into holiday season. Talk to me I'm probably a bit more awesome than I used to be - which is saying something.
Also whoever gets my quote they get sooooo much more love. I'm counting on you.

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  1. Love the I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell! I fell out laughing. The whole event sounds fascinating!