Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Oo America. Oo do you like how the lights gleam off my head like a bald sweaty person.

Finally I can finish up October and get on with November. But I've been waiting for pictures from friends. thank you friends. Halloween was a 2 part event for me - great I know. But it was very different. There was not a ton of candy that I could hide in my closet for the next 6 months. There was no nature themed costume this year (after flower and cloud I was running out of ideas too).

      So first I skipped out on the end of Bulan Bahasa day. By skipped out I mean I was granted permission by the gate guards at my school to go attend an educational function as equal in importance as school. So yes with I couple of classmates I attended a Halloween event held at their English First class in the mall. It wasn't even the 31st by the way. I ate choki-choki this chocolate paste that can be addicting. Some of the teachers and students wore costumes. I saw a vampire, a pumpkin, and perhaps Frankenstein. There was face painting. And that took up most of my time. Deciding what I wanted, then getting it. Flower headband - keeping in with my past nature themes. It was cool. Thank you classmates for inviting me.
Two of us chilling beforehand. Costumes! well not me. 
Now that Sunday (also not the 31st) AFS invited us to a Halloween event too. An Indonesian singer was going to be performing at @America for an Indonesian tv show - Dahsyat. We could wear costumes too! So what did I get dressed as - that's right the easiest costume in the world black cat. Nathan went too but he was the karate kid in his penchak silat uniform.When we got there the party was in full swing. The singer was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and had the ambassador and other people from the embassy dancing up on stage. Good times. I will probably never see something like that again.
Us and embassy person. 
Indonesian students were also at the party. They were very interested in us. They were total strangers but came up and asked for pictures and to practice they're English. So we took pictures with them. They  dressed up too which I love.
Random person yaaay. Costume awesome. Don't I look crazy tall? She's wearing heels too. At least 3 inches.
The rest of the day was just mall wandering, food eating. I hope people enjoyed the cat girl walking around their very fancy Jakarta mall. I did. It was fun.
I miss my American Halloween fun but I do believe this was a one of a kind Halloween.
Oo Oo Woot Woot Yeeaaaa
So late I know

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