Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hari Guru

Teacher's Day also PGRI. This took place the day after Thanksgiving. There were no classes instead we stood for a very long ceremony. The teachers were handed flowers a poem was read to salute them. It was about how if there wasn't any teachers there wouldn't be a president and other important people and so on. They sung in the ceremony and raised the flag. It was quite amusing for us all to see them doing what is usually the student's responsibilities. At the end a sign was unfolded and confetti was dropped and all the teachers were handed a rose.

      Then the games began. Well there was a long wait in between. But finally I saw one teacher wearing both a dress and pants go and adjust themselves and I was like oh female teachers are going to play soccer too. No. No. This was a cross-dressing soccer match between the male teachers and guys in different classes. They had fun with that, not only did they cross-dress but they had this musical chairs things going - so music would come on and they'd have to dance before beginning again.I think the students won both games - but who's counting.
I very much enjoy this picture of the teacher's dancing.

It's good he's wearing pants.
      Then the female teachers played musical chairs. Eventually they started playing dirty - sometimes ex-players would drag the chair away. Current players were instructed to make the dance circle bigger because they were all jockeying for the front space. Who won? Well I think it was actually an ex-player who just ran and sat in the chair when the music stopped.

      Next was bakiak race. I don't know if I've spelled that right but bakiak is the name of wooden sandals. The ones used in the race were long pieces on wood with 3 pairs of cloth straps. Sandals for 3 people! 3 teachers would get on and then race the other teams - equivalent to a 3 legged race basically. There was some falling down. It looked really fun actually. I'd want to try but this day was for the teachers.

      After this the games were basically over - some of the boys and teachers played more soccer. I headed to the local mall for wifi and got to skype with my family. It was Thanksgiving there - so I guess I gave them a pretty awesome thanksgiving present if I say so myself.

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  1. I like it too, tetapi menurutku agak aneh ya!
    Good blog, Kak Ankhet. Kak, aku tidak menyangka, ternyata Kakak juga suka menulis blog sepertiku..