Thursday, 8 December 2011

Indonesian Wedding

A few weekends ago I went to an Indonesian wedding. Yaaay. Now I've met a lot of family members but I had never met this one. But that's ok because neither had my two host sisters. And we still didn't meet her at the wedding.
Truly don't remember what was happening. Me being me I guess but at a wedding.
So that Friday I spent a while getting dressed. Weddings you have to dress up. I would say that I ended up middle fancy - there were some people there in jeans and others in long incredible gowns.
    The wedding was held in Taman Mini in a huge building. I guess we only went to the celebration part. The wedding was a huge room filled with food. The truest way to describe it. You walk in and sign the guest book handing over your envelope of money. I think its the norm to only give money as gifts for weddings. Then you roam and eat roam and eat. It was buffet style so you could wander over to the Dim Sum section of the Indonesian food section, the bread section, the dessert section. Sometimes my host parents would stop to talk to people they knew, otherwise it was like just eating.
Didn't try this. Feel like it had meat in it.

    The outfits though. The bride and groom were dressed in dazzling traditional wedding outfits. The bride had this headpiece with glitteryness and things dangling off. Their job the whole night was to stand there on display as different family members came to take pictures of them. They never sat. I never saw them eat. This was really 'It's all for our guests and family and the beauty of it wedding celebration'.

Some of the quests wore more traditional outifits too. I saw a couple of men with sword type things walking about. Or maybe just the case. My family was more modern - I guess. Well they didn't wear traditional outfits.
Not entirely pleased with this picture.  
Obviously I love Indonesian weddings now. You eat and look at cool outfits. My host sisters don't like to go often because they say you'll get fat. That's truth though.

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