Monday, 12 March 2012

Another Wedding

So I went to another wedding.  Both my h.sisters didn't go so it was just me and my host parents who both had friends to catch up with.I took the liberty of exploring a bit for myself. This time I knew what to expect - food and more food.
Inside food & outside food so you can eat everywhere
This wedding was apparently a bit different the usual ones. It was in a hotel as opposed to just the usual hall. It also had a lot of western touches I noticed. They were still in traditional wear but the live music was all American jazzy love songs. They even came down from their stage to do a first dance - which I've never seen before. I could see how they would be very american influenced. There were a lot of bule - foreigners there. A lot of the announcements were in English.
first dance

wedding singers behind fancily dressed guests in front
I ate a lot. Started with fruit then to the tempura table. There was pasta and fish. Sushi even. Dessert was either a crepe with mandarin orange sauce and ice cream or a waffle with the same toppings. There was even salad with real toppings. Very happy.
It was a cool wedding.
Can you see his sword - this is traditional dress for you.

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