Friday, 9 March 2012

A Quick Durian Trip

Happy people enjoying their durian.
One friday after school my friends from school and I decided to take a quick durian eating trip. From school we rode angkot some ways down the street until we came to one of the many little street stalls where you can buy durian. They chose a good ripe one and the guy opened it for us with his machete like knife.

The outside of a durian is spiky while the insides are white and gooey. It's smell is famous for being horrible and clingy. They have mint commercials where a person will knock their friends out with the smell of durian on their breath. No lie. It was raining at the same time though so you could basically ignore it. I don't think it's too bad though.
Those bulbous things are the part you eat
Is it delicious though? It's terribly sweet. I can't describe the taste much beyond that. The texture is where I find it the strangest. It's like when you try and eat the little bit of fruit left around the seed of a mango but softer. It's kind of slimy too so it stays in your teeth. Sometimes it seemed like there was no difference between chewing it and swallowing it. It kind of just goes down but you still feel the slimy-ness everywhere. My friend said she could eat 1 whole durian by herself she likes it so much. I could not imagine doing so. It's really sweet and there's maybe 9 or more pieces inside. The picture above is just it cut in half - it opens up more and more.
So after this food adventure we headed to a friend's house and hung out for a couple of hours. Then my friend took me home on the back of her motorcycle.  It's quick, and breezy and if you're a pro you don't have to hold on (actually it doesn't feel dangerous at all. I can't imagine myself ever wanting to hold on to the driver). I would say that wearing pants is probably better. The long school skirt makes it harder to get on, it gets shorter and also takes up space on the motor. Just a tip for future motor riders. I got cheers from all the people standing on the streets watching me ride motor for the first time. They were probably laughing to see me so excited to be on a motor. Best way to travel ever.
Duck reading a gravestone. On the way home. Had to take a picture

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