Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bikram Yoga & Eating

Lights in the restaurant
So one Friday night in January I got a random text from Amy saying - Hey want to do bikram yoga in Jkt. I agreed because yoga's my thing. I didn't think we would do it the next day - I thought it was a hypothetical question. But no the next morning I found myself having a chat with my Americans in Tamini (my local mall) before heading over to the yoga studio in Jl. Kemang. Note: This is the same area with the cool Turkish food restaurant. People in Jakarta should check out this street/area for fun.

My cheese and tomato sandwhich on ciabatta bread.
It was real cheese!!! And a salad!! Unheard of in Jkt

     We missed the early class so we decided to go look around for a bit. This was the wrong day to wear flip flops. We were searching for a cool secret restaurant or something. That had us asking a million people, going the wrong direction, and walking on forever. we found lots of other cool restaurants though to try out next time. The restuarant in question was actually being torn down and rebuilt. We had lunch after that at Casa - I believe it was called. It was a cool little restaurant thing - lots of hip looking people were there so I guess we chose well. And the food - after 5 months of rice everyday it was amazing.

After yoga - hence the sweat and the crazy eyes
After a really good meal we caught a taxi to the yoga studio, got dressed and headed in. Our studio's name is Yoga @ 42 because that is the temperature of the room in which you do Bikram Yoga. 42 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit is 107.6 - this is what the internet tells me. That seems like a really high number to me but it was crazy hot so it's believable. I thought oh it's always hot in Indonesia so how much worse could it get. Wrong - Jakarta heat did not prepare me for doing yoga in this heat. By the end of the class you go - Did all this water come out of me? You feel all loose and clean too. It was great great great. The people were really cool too. The teacher was actually from Los Angeles too. Yaay for LA people in Jkt.
We survived (and enjoyed) Bikram Yoga
After taking and drinking coconut water and showering we decided to go eat again. We were super hungry. Because Jl. Kemang is filled with tons of Arab restuarants we decided to go to one we had seen earlier - the Shisha Cafe I believe it was called. Not actually sure. Food - hmm just ok. Hummus - not my favorite. Tea - it was a tiny pot and was weak. It was very pretty though - lights and red couches and mosiac-y tables. And tons of foreigners were there. A french girl was having her birthday there and they sang and brought a cake - we peeked out from the secret side room we were in. Then in the bathroom we met these australian girls who go to international school in Jkt. Meeting random foreigners our age is the coolest thing ever.

Wow a fountain too?
Look you can actually see where we hung out and ate
We took a taxi back to my house. And that was us in Jakarta - they just keep coming back cuz it's so fun. I love living here in the city.

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