Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Ubi Sickness

Bogor comes back with a venegence
Does that sound menacing or dangerous or serious? I didn't die or go to the hospital so it wasn't too too bad.
So I went to Bogor and ate lots of delicious food and was happy. Part of what I ate was ubi - or sweet potatoes.

While stuck in traffic I ate 2 or so. Then ate home, hungry again I ate more. Then it was late and I decided it would make an ok dinner so I ate another. But I had a dilema. To wait 5-10 minutes for the ubi to heat up in the rice cooker OR to just add already hot rice making it hot by association AND making me fuller. The second choice made so much sense to me but every Indonesian has laughed at me for it. Apparently you're not allowed to mix rice and ubi together. Ad then because I wasn't totally full - I ate an egg. Worst decision ever.
Which I found out when I was sick the next 3 days. This was my first time being stomach sick - everyone else usually gets sick in the first few months as they adjust to the food. Not me! It took super delicious ubi and an egg to bring me down.
I forgot how much throwing up and being sick sucks. You're awake at all these random hours, then you have to clean it up, then you're afraid to eat for the next day, you don't get to go to school on fun kelas meeting days. The second and third day of school I missed because I was so weak from not eating. I just slept and limped around the house. I lost 5 pounds so I was legit (legit yes I know) weak - this wasn't me just lounging for the sake of lounging.

So that was me getting sick in Jakarta - hopefully a 1 time thing. Even now 2 -3 months later I don't eat ubi or fried eggs. Too many bad memories ...
Me healthy and alive and all that stuff. Even got my 5lbs back.

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  1. Hey ankhet! So besides Yummy Ubi food poisoning, you've been pretty healthy otherwise? As in... No malaria... Rabies...yellow fever.. The CDC here in the states warns travelers of like 738394 diseases