Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Bogor Picnic - or Mountain Traffic

I think I mentioned in my Kelas Meeting post that I went to Bogor a while ago. There isn't much to the story but I took many pictures so ...

I accompanied my host father and mother to Bogor one Sunday morning to pick up Nanda (younger host sister) from her school's religious retreat. It wasn't to long a way up the mountain but they have this traffic system where you can only go up certain hours and down at others. Once we were actually moving up the mountain though it was beautiful. Why does no one ever talk about the mountains in Indonesia? People are always like beaches, Bali, snorkelling but the mountains are great too. It's probably because comparatively they're not super tall.
They have a river. A river they can wash clothes in and other river things. I want a river.
So we went to a restaurant at the top of the mountain. You can see all the fields below where they grow tea. We ate, took pictures, felt a nice wind then headed down to pick up Nanda.
the tea fields - the tea was delicious too

Same fields but after our meal. Mountain weather - I can't think of a time where I saw fog in Jakarta

Lunch - and look tea from the tea fields

But alas the direction of traffic had changed without us knowing so we could not go down the mountain. We sat in the car not moving. We turned into a gas station - ate a little more, slept a bit, got gas maybe. Finally maybe 3 or so hours later we were on our way.
Ice cream - kiwi flavor. Yup eating again in the car - what else is there to do?
It began to rain
What happened to Nanda? She rode back to school with her school and we picked her up there. So we might not have accomplished the main goal of the trip but it was beautiful so Job Well Done!

But then again this day led to my sickness the next days so ...
Koi ponds make the world go round - this was on the way to the bathroom

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