Saturday, 26 May 2012

All About the Animals

In Indonesia there are animals EVERYWHERE. Walking in the streets, sitting on the vegetables in the markets - true story, living in the forests, walking in and out of houses. There is no boundary between where animals do and do not live. So here are some pictures saluting random animals on just living their lives around Jkt.

The Cicak - the house lizard. Lives in all the homes, in schools. Most Indonesians think they're gross. I think they're vaguely cute. They make this clicking type noise though that can distract you in the night when you're trying to sleep. And if you've just come to Indonesia then you might become afraid that maybe there is a little man who has crawled into your suitcase on top of your wardrobe and is now trying to unzip his way out. Sadly this is a true story even if though its an extremely ridiculous idea. What can I say? I have a strange imagination.
In my room

The Cats: They're skinny and mangy and just live all over the city. They are just everywhere. And as you can see below they will just casually stroll into houses if they please.

The Chickens: Also everywhere just randomly walking in the street. I think that later people might eat them but then why are they being allowed to walk in the street with all the motorcycles and cars? The other day I saw chicks crossing the street in a line and went oooh because it was quite cute. My h. sister asked me why and after I told her she asked, "Oh so in America there aren't chickens in the street? Where do they live then?" Yup just goes to show the cultural differences.

Ducks: I just really love these pictures of them playing in a cemetery. Just normal ducks having a good time ... on graves.

The monkeys: They do not just live in the forests of Kalimantan or the temples of Bali. You will see them on the streets of Jakarta on chains in little outfits for your entertainment. My friend even told me she had one as a pet before it ate a piece of durian and died.

Dogs: While they are somewhat rare to see in Jakarta or other cities on the Java island there are many in Bali. Instead of cats Bali has dogs that roam the streets in much the same way. I have also seen packs of wild dogs in forests in both Kalimantan and Bandung. So maybe there are dogs here they just stick to special areas.

Fish: There are koi ponds everywhere. In all the restaurants, in hotels, in my house in Jakarta. Just everywhere. I love them.

And of course we can't forget the goats and cows that are sacrificed for Eid Ul Adha. That day was definitely a big part of my Indonesian experience.

 So YAAY for animals living in big cities.

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