Monday, 21 May 2012

Dunia Fantsia! (Dufan)

Class trip yaaay! So during kelas XII's testing my class XI IPS 2 decided to have a class outing to Dunia Fantasia (DUFAN for short) which means Fantasy World- the Disneyland of Indonesia. I made that comparison myself, it has no affiliation with actual disneyland except that it's a theme park.
Waiting for busway
We rode busway there which is a huge subwaylike type of transportation but really it's just a really tall bus with it's own lane that you can't get out of anytime. When we got there we rushed the merry-go-round. That might sound strange but its the truth. We got a bit bored in the middle so we hopped off our horses, walked around on it, took pictures, then jumped off. From that first ride I could tell there weren't going to be any strict safety rules around this park.

We ran around the park going from ride to ride. We went on the ship ride that swings you back in forth pendulum style. We went on the swings - the ones that spin around high in the air. I eschewed the water rides with a firm hand - it was not a hot day for Indonesia, if we were in California it would not have been a hot day either.

See soaking wet
We ate lunch, stopped for prayer if they were Muslim.Continued to ride. Our last ride was Istanna Boneka - Doll Palace. It had many dolls showing the peoples of the world. I'm not sure they showed the best parts of each country. For instance there were only animals in Australia.

Holland of course
After leaving the park there is a magic fountain show with singing and dancing and shooting water with lights - just the usual magic fountain show. If we had gone to Dufan months earlier I would not have been able to understand as it was all in B. Indonesia. As it was I could understand. It involved a giant and several big talking dancing animals.

I took a couple of videos because there was some traditional dancing and costumes.

We took TransJakarta back to our side of town and I slept over a friend's house. Fun day with my class. Terima kasih guys :)

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