Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bali Day 3&4&5

The third day of Bali! We went snorkelling! It was my first time snorkelling and sadly I did not have the most stellar time. I'll put it down to spending a lot of time sitting on the boat instead of in the water because of an eyes & contacts not mixing well situation. When I was in the amazing blue clear water I did see tons of small darting fish and reefs.
Then we went on a couple of temple runs. The first was Bedugal. It's a garden with the actual temple parts on a lake. There were tons of tourists - some of the Indonesian ones asked for pictures together. Lots of frolicking was done in the garden section. Oh and shopping - outside were tons of souvenir areas.

Frolicking includes lots of picture taking if you didn't know

The second was Tanah Lot. It's a temple built on the very fringes of the beach in the water. During low tide you can go and walk next to the temple bits but during hig tide the water makes it impossible. We went during evening so we were able to walk and get on top of the rocks - the water still reached us though. It was incredibly beautiful especially during sunset. I could only imagine building it.

The next day was our beach day! We hadn't yet go a chance to just relax on the beaches of Bali. So we went to Dreamland the host moms escorted us this day. Dreamland is a hotel with a beach below it. It's small and a lot emptier than the Seminyak beach we went to later that evening because you have to pay to be lounging and tramping all through the hotel. It was ah-mazing. The water and sky were unreal colors. It's one of those places where you say Oh My I'm in paradise. Well I would say that about all of Bali but this beach was very awesome.

After many hours of lounging and adventuring on this beach we headed out to buy souvenirs! When I finally came out of my shopping daze I was astonished to see the amount of stuff I had gotten. It's not all for me though so I guess I am a generous shopper ...? Then we went on a driving tour of Bali. We saw some amazing hotels and some of the most popular clubs and shopping areas. Our driver was very informative. He had driven the prime minister of Thailand when Obama came to Bali and Julie Roberts when she was filming Eat, Pray, Love. He was also incredibly nice. We watched the sunset on a beach in Seminyak. Very different feel - a lot longer and less cliffy than Dreamland. The sand was also darker and finer - which reflected the colors of the sky really well. Dinner was Indian food there are great Indian restaurants in Bali just saying.

The next day we packed up and got on our plane back to Jawa and for me Jakarta. Bali was a most amazing trip and I would say absolutely go ther if you have the chance. As my host mom says 'You don't know really Indonesia until you go to Bali.' So yaaaaaay for Bali and host moms who take you there <3

Bali from the sky

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