Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Flight Story

    This was the longest flight I've ever taken in my life. Prep time for India was not very long. I only got my visa life a week or two before I left. I bought my ticket around the same time. I packed the day before I left, discarding unnecessary things the morning of my flight. Then I was off.

So long. Like 42 hours of traveling.

    I flew Singapore Airlines from LA to Tokyo to Singapore to Hyderabad. I was only in Tokyo for an hour so according to some people that does not count as being in that country. True but there was a sign that said welcome to Japan so I feel like that makes it count a little bit.
    Then I flew to Singapore. I arrived at 3am and did not leave until 8pm that night. Because I slept on the way there I wasn't super tired when I landed so I just rested a bit until things started opening in the airport. And Singapore is a country a tourists so the airport was full of activities. I went to the movie theater. I went to the butterfly garden then ate food by the koi pond. Sadly no pictures of the butterfly garden even though one landed on my head and it was beautiful. I then took a tour of the city. Saw some major buildings/areas Chinatown, colonial style public buildings, the Singapore Flyer, their lion fish statue.
Singapore Flyer: ferris wheel, observation wheel, what have you

Just a hotel next to the river


Lion fish with views of other famous buildings on the river

    What I learned is Singapore builds up instead of out because the island country is so small and that this is another country where I can use my Bahasa Indonesia because they speak Malay as well. Back to the airport where I went to the other movie theater and the sunflower garden before flying to Hyderabad. I was nicely picked up from the airport and transported to my dorm where I just basically unpacked a bit, showered, and then slept. Here.

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