Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hyderabad, India: A Term

    New blog post! Not about Indonesia, but India this time. I'm on a Foreign Study Program with my college for winter term. The program is a combination of Women and Gender Studies and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. It's based in Hyderabad at Hyderabad University which is in a pretty central part of India. Me and a group of 11 other students will be living in a dorm and taking classes here. Apparently the school's very popular for international studies. Look it's here:

    It's actually in a different state now, Telangana, so forgive the map it's a pretty recent change. Hyderabad is a pretty well off city. It's famous in the tech world so you see the name Cyberbad being thrown around a lot. Also it's known for the great pearls they have here. During the term I'll have chances to visit other well known places in India like Delhi, Chennai, etc.

I just got here so I'm not working with very personal knowledge so far. Just wanted to let peoples know that I'll write some stuff here whenever I can to give info on my current travel happenings. I'm not even super sure of my classes right now. But yea, another country, same blog.

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