Thursday, 14 July 2011

DC Part II: Where we go to Important Places

Maybe I'll actually finish this today.

On Thursday we went to the offical important places. In the morning we went to visit representatives of our state's senators. So all the Californians (including exchange students who had stayed there) met with Diane Feinstein's financial something. Her helper, assistant; I don't know her title but she was nice. She listened to all the lessons they talked about and stuff.
Next place we went was the Indonesian Embassy. Which meant lots of Bahasa Indonesia speaking going on and Indonesian food! Woot woot! The ambassadors were there (is that what they're called?) and gave a nice speech (I didn't understand but there was good vibes from everyone else). Everyone was so nice talking to me about Jakarta and traffic and Indonesian school and the language, everything basically.
Then on to the US State Department for us to ask questions. They are the ones who fund the program so I guess they wanted to talk. People asked questions. Other people on stage answered, not much to say here. Then all the YES Abroaders went to hang out all the YES Abroaders whose hosting organization is not AFS but Amideast or American Councils.
It was great to see everyone again. Group 6 was reunited, as we're split evenly between AFS and Amideast & American Councils. I wish all my YES people good luck as we head to our different countries. Thailand, India, and Malaysia (tomorrow I believe) have already left. Check out their blogs.
Group 6 (again)

Then AFS YES Abroaders had to leave. It was time for a cultural performance from all the countries in the program.  This was one of the more amazing performances I've ever been too. In my life. Ok you know what, it's so awesome it deserves it's own post. (Truly I just want to split up this mass - same thing though.) To be continued ... again (but for the last time really). 

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