Friday, 29 July 2011

Business (Called Getting A Visa)

A visa. Visas come at time during pre exchange where you should just be coasting. You have two weeks to go. You've had a pseudo-goodbye party. You've seen some of your oldest friends for the last time (It's called even though you still had like 3 weeks left they're going to the Dominican and then on a cruise so you won't be able to see each other again.) You're thinking about packing, and your host family, and presents, and how you really wish they would email you back. But then comes this visa form.
    Suddenly you find yourself having to fill out this form in the 19 (aaah) days you have left. (Ok I'll switch back to first person now.) They're not even too too complicated it's just ... I'll explain. I have to fill out these forms about why I'm going to Indonesia and for how long. I had to count the number of days (because there was no months box)! 314 approximately. But here comes the problem, I don't have the forms from Indonesia saying like 'Hey it's cool. She can come.' So I'm stuck on the very first page of my application waiting for AFS to send me some 'Authorization # from Jakarta.' I don't know what that is. I just know I don't have it. And if this isn't done soon then I won't be flying on the 17th as is planned. I think it'll go smoothly after this though. I hope. No it will. I'll probably be writing more about this just because it's probably going to be a big part of these last 19 days.
Isn't that so weird to think about?!

PS: Did I tell you, for my birthday I told my people to get me enough fortune cookies to last me until I leave. So now I have tons of fortune cookies (def more than 19) and have 1 (or more :) ) each day. Aaah I love that.

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