Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer News - Departure Date, Host Family

I feel summery oh so summery. I have news for you world. Can you say - a departure date, a host family, an address?
    My summer is going summery with walking places, swimming, birthdays, Shakespeare in the Park, free concerts in California Plaza. And that is just when I leave my house (well not the swimming). But now for the news.
    I leave August 17th. I arrive in New York where there will be a Gateway Orientation for me and my fellow exchange people. We all leave the next day to Indonesia with a layover in Hong Kong. I was also just told we apparently have an in-country orientation from the day we arrive to the 24th of August. Then I'll meet my family! and go home with them! and live with them for 11 months! I'm nervous. I'm excited. I am so confused. I have no idea what my life will be like. I have a feeling it'll be pretty awesome though. Hard though too.
    And my family. I officially have a family. My family is comprised of a mother, a father, and two daughters who are really close to my age. One is a bit older and the other a year younger. I can't wait to meet them or even talk to them. I still have yet to send a email to them but I know what the mom looks like (thank you facebook). I really will get on that. It's just hard thinking of what exactly to say to the people you are going to be living with for the next year of your life.
    They live in Jakarta. For real Jakarta not some town an hour away (at least I think so). I truly don't really have a preference but it's so cool. However I'm a bit confused. Whenever I told the Indonesian exchangers that I was going to be in Jakarta they went 'OOOhhhhh'. I couldn't tell if it was a good thing or bad. Good though hopefully. Then they would go on to tell me how horrible the traffic is. I'm excited though. Once I get there I'll send tons of letters to all my people so they can say they've gotten mail form Indonesia.
Also mail is always nice.

Almost forgot: 29 Days until I leave for Indonesia!!

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