Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Just FYI

Woah hey guys. Weird, I'm here in Indonesia. Weird because it's felt like forever when really it's only been 6 days. I don't have the time or battery power to do like a real real in depth summery of what I've been doing because I actually leave for my host family's house today.
    I've been at camp (or I call it camp it's actually a hotel Desa Wisata in this place called Taman Mini Indonesia or at least that's what I think)for all my days here so far. we've had an orientation with games and Bahasa Indonesia lessons and excercising. Now that it's over "the journey begins". I quote that because 1. I really don't think I would say something like that and 2. That was the theme of our welcoming party.

Ok well now Im going to go. I have pictures to take. I lowkey feel like a celebrity here. Seriously I'm going to come back with the hugest ego.
Finger kisses.

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