Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Less than ____

On my tumblr I wrote what 13 days feels like.
    Well now I have 5 more days and of course I feel totally different. I am so chill right now. Honestly it's surreal. It doesn't feel like it at all. Now at night when I have nothing to do I don't get panicked and freaked. I don't even think of exchange really. It's weird. Maybe I'm in a state of denial, or maybe I'm repressing all those freaked out feelings. I don't know. All I know is I'm cool.
So my last days. I count all my last things, my summer accomplishments though it's seemed so short and by no way am I through - I still have 4 full days left!
  •  I finished my puzzle. Here is what it looks like. This is the internet's, not my own. I hope it says in my living room for a long time. Until I get back even.
  • I ate all my favorite foods.
    • Ethiopian - best food 
    • Regular cooking by my dad
    • Chipotle (Not my favorite so much as my mom's but whatever I'm up for it.)
    • Scoops - best ice cream place. I had 2 scoops: Earle Gray Tea and Brown Bread
    • Earlez Grill - best vegetarian place for like burgers
  • I've had pseudo - goodbye parties/hang out sessions.
    • The first was just my family. We swam, ate. It was usual family hanging outness.
    • Then my friends from my old school and I went to see a movie.
    • Then another old friend came over with her family for general hanging out/talking/wow our parents are really funny time.
  • Last Shakespeare in the Park play. It was Hamlet. It was awesome. I'm going to miss the play that happens at our school each year though.
  • My friend's threw me a surprise-ish (some people aren't good at keeping secrets) going away scavenger hunt. We all went to Santa Monica and just ... were being weird. Talking in accents, sneaking in pictures with babies, messing with strangers. Scavenger hunt stuff. What an awesome idea. I have major love for them all <3. 

  • Finish my box that's going to hold all my letters. (Didn't actually finish this :( Oh well)
  • I hung out downtown. The library, the shops. I love downtown. And I finished all my books in time.
  • I bought my host family gifts. Which called for a trip to Venice Beach.
I've packed and I'm off I guess.
Oh and good news I got my visa :D
Guess my special visa skills paid off.

Alright I'm sorry for the tense difference here. I wrote this days ago and didn't fell like changing it all. But I did all this stuff and these are my last hours. And next time I post I'll be in Indonesia or New York. Wish me luck :)

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