Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Family & Stupidity (Of My Own)

My family is amazing. Or should I start with bad news first. Yes, so you can have a good taste in your mouth at the end of this whole story I'll begin with bad news.
    So I am kind of stupid. I totally forgot that there was a conference call scheduled for today (August 2 because it might not be today anymore when I post this). I only remembered around 8 o clock which would have been ok if I lived on the East Coast. But I don't so I missed an important conference call about Indonesia with my fellow Indonesia YES Abroaders. I got to listen to a recording so I heard what was said but I still felt pretty embarrassed at the silence that happened whenever my name was called, or when they waited for me to arrive
    Good news. I am talking to my family. My host mom to be more precise, on facebook. Never have I loved facebook so much. I've seen a picture of her and my two new sisters! My two new sisters aaah I love that. I'm going to go to school with Caca whose the younger of the two I believe. They're both really close to my age. 15 and 16. It's going to be pretty different from the family I have now. I have a sister but she's a lot younger and my brother... is a boy... obviously. I'm excited. I like having talked to them because it makes me feel less of an outsider. My mom said the same thing when they sent us a picture. With 10 days (Yeah it's August 7 now) left I'm all stressed and harried from my visa but it's nice to talk to my host mom and know that once I get to Indonesia I'll be in such an awesome family.

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